“2017 will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially the concert held in Bregenz
where out Austrian label presented us with a gold record which is nowadays a great
accomplishment in itself.”
Our first television performance took place in 2009 on the now cult tv show Musikantenstadl or Haybarn of musicians.

Sašo Avsenik and his band began their musical journey in 2009, marking a new era in Avsenik music. Both brothers Slavko and Vilko Avsenik then, after nearly twenty years, once again joined forces and have written some new songs as well as adapted some older ones for the band.


Our first television performance took place in 2009 on the now cult tv show Musikantenstadl or Haybarn of musicians. The audience’s reaction succeeded even our most ambitious expectations. The same year we began recording our first solo record Na sončni strani Alp (On the sunny side of the Alps). Bookings for concerts from home and abroad followed and so in 2011 we released our second record Zavrtimo se (Let’s twist). We followed it with the release of our third record Dolge so noči (Long are the nights) which was accompanied with a grand concert under the name T’douga noč (Da long night). This concert was later on repeated in 2016 when we released our latest album Bi b’la moja (Would ya be mine). We hold a special place in our hearts for the concert in Bregenz in 2017 where our Austrian label presented us with a gold record, which is nowadays a great accomplishment in itself.

All of us are extremely proud of the tradition and songs that accompany the Ansambel bratov Avsenik who themselves used to tour up to as much as 330 days per year. Our current number is around 170 shows a year. We perform both at home venues and abroad. Although it has long been thought that our type of music finds its audience mostly in the Alpine region we have bravely gone to perform in Croatia, the Netherlands, Belgium and as far as Canada overseas. We have also performed on cruises which was a special kind of experience for all of us. Joining us on stage many times is Saša’s father Gregor Avsenik. Saša and Gregor have lately been working on new material that we are excited to be able to perform in the future.


As time keep moving un relentlessly it has now been 60 years since two brothers, Slavko and Vilko Avsenik began their musical journey from a small village of Begunje in the Gorenjska region in Slovenia. They became a musical phenomenon that thrilled audiences not only in Slovenia but has transcended boundaries and carried the name of our small Alpine country across the globe. The music of Avsenik was best known in central Europe and in the German speaking areas, although a few records were released on the other side of the Atlantic in both North and South America.

In these past years out regular band line-up has been our band leader Sašo Avsenik on accordion, Aleš Jurman on double bass, Matic Plevel on guitar, Jan Tamše on trumpet, Mitja Skočaj on clarinet and Dejan Zupan and Maja Berce on vocals.


But as we all know, behind every successful musician or in our case a band, there is a team of people that are one of the key forces behind music. Ansambel Saša Avsenika is not exception and we cannot imagine our work without our trusted team of people and we would like to express our extreme gratitude to each and every one that is a part of this group that watches over and cares for our band.




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